I enjoy teaching a range of courses, from an undergraduate course that serves as an introduction to behavior genetics, to hands-on data analysis for human genetics graduate students. Students in my class and lab should expect an inclusive, judgement-free classroom where learning occurs through open dialogue.

Courses taught:


Washington University in St. Louis

  • Summer 2018              Interface of Psychology, Neuroscience, and Genetics Workshop

                                           Teaching Assistant for Drs. Arpana Agrawal and Ryan Bogdan


Graduate Courses

Washington University in St. Louis

  • Fall 2018 - 2021           GEMS 5483 - Human Genetic Analysis

                                           Guest Lecturer

University of Colorado Boulder

  • Fall 2016                      PSYC 5541 - Special Topics: R Programming Course

                                           Co-Teaching Assistant for Dr. Matthew Keller


Undergraduate Courses

Washington University in St. Louis

  • Fall 2019 - 2021           PSYC 345 - Genes, Environment, and Human Behavior


University of Colorado Boulder

  • Spring 2014                 PSYC 2606 - Social Psychology

                                           Teaching Assistant for Dr. Brett King

  • Fall 2013                      PSYC 3101 - Statistics and Research Methods in Psychology

                                           Teaching Assistant for Dr. Matthew Jones; taught two lab sections