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I enjoy teaching a range of courses, from an undergraduate course that serves as an introduction to behavior genetics, to hands-on data analysis for human genetics graduate students. Students in my class and lab should expect an inclusive, judgement-free classroom where learning occurs through a combination of lectures and active learning, including large and small group discussions. My teaching philosophy, while still developing, is inspired by my own educational experiences. I feel deeply indebted to the teachers throughout my education who made me excited to learn - from my high school calculus teacher who stayed late to prepare us and drove us 8 hours (each way!) for math competitions, to one of my undergraduate biology professors who, despite being PI of a busy lab at an R1 institution, would often walk with us from class to his lab building to continue discussing that week’s journal article. The extra time and effort my teachers gave to me meant the world - and I am passionate about giving back that time to future students in my classes.

Courses taught:


Washington University in St. Louis

  • Summer 2018              Interface of Psychology, Neuroscience, and Genetics Workshop

                                           Teaching Assistant for Drs. Arpana Agrawal and Ryan Bogdan


Graduate Courses

Washington University in St. Louis

  • Fall 2018 - 2022           GEMS 5483 - Human Genetic Analysis

                                           Guest Lecturer

University of Colorado Boulder

  • Fall 2016                      PSYC 5541 - Special Topics: R Programming Course

                                           Co-Teaching Assistant for Dr. Matthew Keller


Undergraduate Courses

Washington University in St. Louis

  • Fall 2019 - 2022           PSYC 345 - Genes, Environment, and Human Behavior


University of Colorado Boulder

  • Spring 2014                 PSYC 2606 - Social Psychology

                                           Teaching Assistant for Dr. Brett King

  • Fall 2013                      PSYC 3101 - Statistics and Research Methods in Psychology

                                           Teaching Assistant for Dr. Matthew Jones; taught two lab sections

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