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Close Collaborators


Dr. Arpana Agrawal

Arpana, a professor in the Psychiatry Dept at WashU, served as my postdoctoral mentor, and we've been collaborating at WashU ever since! She showed me how fun "team science" can be, as she got me involved in the PGC Substance Use Disorder's working group (of which she is a co-chair.) Arpana is an expert in substance use genetics and an incredible mentor and advocate for early career researchers.

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Lori Lin

Lori is an undergraduate senior majoring in Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology (PNP) with a cognitive neuroscience concentration at WashU. Lori and I have worked together on a project about the polygenic and environmental contributions to alcohol expectancies (AE) in adolescents, and she is currently completing her honors thesis in the lab. Lori is interested in learning more about the genetic contributions to cognitive performance and neurodegenerative diseases and approaching these interesting questions with genomic and neuroimaging data. 


Dr. Alexander Hatoum

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Alex and I were in the same graduate school program at the Institute for Behavioral Genetics, and now we are close collaborators at WashU! Alex is an expert in neuroimaging genetics and applying machine learning methods to big data in an effort to improve prediction of psychiatric conditions.


Sarah Paul

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Sarah is a graduate student in Dr. Ryan Bogdan's BRAIN Lab in the Psychological & Brain Sciences department at WashU. Sarah and I have worked together on a number of projects, including a large cannabis use disorder GWAS (published in Lancet Psychiatry) and a paper examining the associations between polygenic risk scores for substance use and cognition phenotypes in a sample of adolescents (recently published in DAD!). Sarah was recently awarded an F31 from NIAAA to examine genetic and neural biomarkers underlying trajectories of alcohol involvement across middle childhood to early adulthood - congrats, Sarah! 



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Led by PI Dr. Ryan Bogdan, the BRAIN Lab at WashU studies how genetic and environmental factors contribute to individual differences in brain function, behavior, and psychopathology. The BRAIN Lab uses a variety of approaches to conduct this research, including behavioral studies, genome-wide analyses, fMRI, and EEG. 


Sarah Colbert

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Sarah was a statistical data analyst at WashU and is now a NSF-funded graduate student at Mt. Sinai! We have worked closely together on a range of different projects, including her recently published paper on the association between autozygosity and cognitive performance in a sample of adolescents. Sarah is currently interested in exploring the relationship between alcohol use and chronic pain.

Collaborations with researchers at other institutions:

Institute for Behavioral Genetics

Matthew Keller

Emory University

Rohan Palmer

SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University

Jacquelyn Meyers

Yale School of Medicine

Joseph Deak

Renato Polimanti

King's College London

Marta Di Forti

University of Utah

Anna Docherty

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